Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Name Is Vibrant Red

"I crossed the street to walk in the sunshine."
'Eat Pray Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert

Coat I Zara
Cardigan, Satin Blouse, Trousers I H&M
Shoes I Zara
Scarf I Zara
Bracelet I Forever21
Clutch I Primark
Leather Gloves I Roeckl

Happy New Year 2014 Beauties!

Leaves fall down, the wind roars ... and suddenly our world is bathed in warm and wild colours. 'Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower', author Albert Camus once said. And I think he was right. I've always loved the colours of the wind during that time of the year and as a child I couldn't deny myself from jumping happily into every pile of leaves. Lucky me - this year I dared to enjoy the charms of the season even a little bit longer! The new year has just begun but it seems as if Mother Hulda with her snow flakes hasn't arrived yet. So let's enjoy together the last days of Mr. Late Autumn! 

To catch the sunbeams of the setting sun during my evening walk, I felt like going for red that day and decided to combine some skinny but comfy vibrant red trousers with an isochromatic satin blouse and a cosy white cardigan. Finally I slipped into my silvery shoes, my brown leather gloves and whipped on my beloved red wool coat with a fluffy grey scarf (the latter both found in Sale at Zara's).


  1. Love. The. Look.
    Ich denke es gehört eine Menge Mut und Können dazu, so ein All-Red Outfit zu tragen. Mut, weil man sowas nicht so oft sieht und Können, weil es einfach gut kombiniert sein muss, und bei dir sieht das einfach sooo unglaublich gut aus! Bin begeistert!!

    1. :D Dickes Dankeschön du Tolle!! Ich bin begeistert dass es dir gefällt! I am in loooove with RED. Musst du unbedingt auch mal ausprobieren, steht dir sicher super! :)

  2. Love your red suit.